EXCLUSIVE Brooklyn Beckham: ‘I understand why there are preconceptions about me’

Brooklyn Beckham might only be 18 years old but he has already achieved more than most teenagers could even dream of, securing front covers of magazines, modelling photoshoots, and even his own photography book, ‘What I See’.

The oldest son of original celebrity power couple David and Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn has a lot to prove as he prepares to carve a career for himself – something that he is all too aware of in my exclusive chat with the teen starlet.

Brooklyn has opened up in an exclusive interview.

Without even a whiff of ego or entitlement, Brooklyn is undeniably humble as he admits that he has been incredibly “lucky” to have the opportunities that he has had at such a young age.

Speaking exclusively, Brooklyn told me that he hopes people will get on board with his new venture, explaining: “I know there are a lot of preconceptions about me associated with my name, and that’s understandable.

“I’m a bit nervous but I think anyone would be. I hope with this book and with the photographs I’ve been taking over the past few years people will see that I really do genuinely love it.

The teen admits that he has been ‘lucky’ to achieve so much so young.

“The title says it all – it really is a snapshot into what I see.”

Brooklyn went on to reveal exactly how he fell into the world of photography, telling me that even though he has already achieved a pretty huge career milestone with his book he still has plans to continue studying.

He shares: “When I moved back to London I was looking at my GCSE options and photography really stood out.

“My dad had bought me a camera and I started using it and realised how much I love the whole process – from taking the pictures to editing and developing – and I just started taking photos the whole time.

Brooklyn’s book is out on 29 June.

“I have just been really unbelievably lucky to have been given this opportunity to publish a book and have an exhibition [at Christies, Mayfair]. I didn’t go seeking it and so now I plan to carry on with my studies and work experience.

“I am going to study photography in New York and I have been doing intern work for some of the most inspiring fashion photographers.”

And despite dabbling with modelling in the past, Brooklyn is adamant that he wants to remain firmly behind the camera in the future, adding: “I much prefer being behind the camera.

“I’ve learnt a huge amount from the shoots I’ve been lucky enough to do in front of the camera with some incredible photographers but I love taking photos.

Brooklyn often photographs his family.

“Composing the image, controlling the creative – I want to be a photographer, not a model.”

And with Brooklyn’s younger brother Romeo, 14, modelling for Burberry in the past, and 12-year-old Cruz releasing a charity Christmas single last year, is there any sibling rivalry between the Beckham brothers?

“We are really close, there’s no rivalry at all,” Brooklyn tells me, “Especially as we all have different interests.”

Speaking about his entire family, including his parents and five-year-old sister Harper, the teen continues: “We just have a lot of fun together.

Brooklyn admits that the entire Beckham clan are incredibly close.

“The six of us hang out a lot.”

Something that is incredibly clear to see in Brooklyn’s book, with his family featuring in many of the never-before-seen photographs as the star recounts the heartwarming stories behind the images.

What I See‘ by Brooklyn Beckham will be published on 29th June by Penguin Random House UK, priced £16.99.

To celebrate publication Brooklyn will be meeting fans at three book signings; Manchester on 30th June, Liverpool on 1st July and London on 2nd July.

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