This Is Not Culturally Significant: The nude one-man-show taking London by storm

London is widely considered the hub of UK theatre, with there always being a wide variety of incredible shows for patrons to watch on any given night.

However, few shows are as unique and memorable as This Is Not Culturally Significant, the nude one-man-show that is currently playing at The Bunker theatre in Southwark.

Credit: Bessell McNamee

Following a successful run at Vault Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival, This Is Not Culturally Significant sees Adam Scott-Rowley bare his soul and, quite literally, his body as the writer, director and performer of this chilling reflection on modern society.

Switching between 10 different and fascinating characters, Scott-Rowley seamlessly brings each individual to life as he masters the craft of physical theatre and combines the art of comedy with an insightful and dark political commentary on our day-to-day lives.

Credit: Bessell McNamee

From a shrill webcam girl to a vile abusive husband to a desperate homeless woman, Scott-Rowley flawlessly transforms himself at a moment’s notice, with his nudity only adding to his vulnerability and impeccable talent rather than distracting or deterring the audience.

This Is Not Culturally Significant is dark, intense, and a brutally honest piece of art that is not afraid to mock, terrify and entertain its audience, with the 55-minute run time flying by and leaving you begging for more.

Credit: Bessell McNamee

The show is only running at The Bunker theatre until Saturday 3rd June, so if you want to check out the performance that is getting everybody talking then you’ll need to be quick.

Click here to book your tickets now.


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