From Tom Hanks to Kim Kardashian: Reddit thread reveals the most ‘genuinely nice’ celebrity encounters

Far too often we hear stories about A-list celebrities not being as nice in real life as fans may have hoped, with the stars sometimes too busy, too tired, or too disinterested to spend time with the everyday people that they meet in the street.

However, a new Reddit thread has shed some light on who the most kindhearted celebrities are after hundreds of users replied to the question: ‘Which celebrity is genuinely nice?’.

From Tom Hanks to Steven Tyler to Whoopi Goldberg, here are some of the best A-list stories:

Danny DeVito

“I got hired as his photographer/security detail for the day during his Bernie rally at UC Santa Barbara. We walked from the parking garage to the rally, and amassed a large swarm of students. He talked to everyone like he had met them previously. When we finally got to the event, we had to wade through several thousand more students, where he got up and spoke on a picnic bench. He wrapped up, and the people descended on him. He signed everything, talked to everyone, took a picture with everyone, let people kiss his head, quoted requested lines, for about four hours.

“I stood in front of him, barricading and shooting, and am still taken aback by how consistently enthusiastic he was until the last fan. After that, we walked back to the parking garage and piled into the elevator. Danny, his agent, and his assistant were all quiet. He looks at me and asks me for my card, signs it, shakes my hand and thanks me for being there.”

Whoopi Goldberg

“My wife met her in London, having a smoke outside the hotel we were attending a wedding at. After sharing a smoke together, Whoopi came in and had photos with the bride and groom (my wife’s sister and brother-in-law) finally uttering the line of the day: ‘It wouldn’t be a Jewish wedding without a Goldberg.'”

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Kylie Jenner

“I did security for Kanye and Kim one time when I was working with a private security firm. They were both terribly nice. Kanye was quiet and reserved but would answer questions and have normal conversations. Kim, on the other hand, was the sweetest lady ever. She asked about my military career and seemed genuinely interested. She and Kanye took a picture with me at the end of the gig and Kim kissed me on the cheek.

“I also did security for Kylie [Jenner] and I was pretty much by her side for about six hours and she was extremely pleasant too. She asked me to get her a bottle of water and when I did she apologized about the tone because she didn’t want to ‘come off as a b*tch.’ They may seem vapid on TV but both Kardashian/Jenner experiences I have have been nothing but pleasant. I did private security for about two years living in LA and have stories about Taylor Swift, Eminem, John Cusack, etc. None I liked more than Kim and Kylie though.”

…And Kim Kardashian again

“At a Derby party a waitress spilled water all over Kim Kardashian’s silk dress. The waitress immediately lost it, crying, and Kim was all kindness and genuine concern. I saw her face when the water spilled and you can’t fake that kind of compassion…

“I was really impressed with her making sure that the waitress didn’t feel bad, and she never once seemed upset. She changed her dress and came back, making sure the waitress sat and talked for a few minutes until she was calm. Pretty classy.”

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

“I met Steven Tyler about four/ five summers ago while I was in Italy. I walked by this linen clothing store that was blasting music at around 10pm, and he was the only one inside, dancing and talking to the employees. He came outside to sign an autograph for two girls and as he turned to go back in we made eye contact.

“All I could think to say was: ‘Y-y-you’re Steven Tyler!’ and he just replied: ‘F*ck yeah I am!”. I asked him for a picture and he said: ‘Hell yeah!’ and pulled my friends and I close and snapped one.”

Tom Hanks

“My friend is an Uber driver and told me that one day he was sitting at a stoplight and saw Tom standing on the sidewalk. For some reason he decided to shout ‘Hi Forrest!’ at him, and Tom gave him this [famous Forrest Gump] wave. It’s so refreshing to hear stories about actors embracing roles that they played instead of getting mad if someone does something like this.”

…And Tom Hanks again

“I saw Tom Hanks in Rome, filming Angels & Demons. They were filming a scene where he and this actress were rushing across a piazza. Well, this black car pulls up and Tom Hanks notices it’s a bride and groom. He had them stop filming so he could escort the bride from the car into the nearby church. He made such a big deal of it. Nice guy!”


“This might surprise people, but Beyoncé Knowles. I have met her three times (family member in the business) and she remembered my first name and was genuinely very sweet each time. I don’t know her personally or anything, but it did not seem like an act.”

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

“My cousin took his son to a WWE event for his birthday and then fishing the next day along the river. While they were fishing, the Rock appeared out of nowhere, ready to go fishing with his cousin. The four of them spent the entire day together, the Rock bought them lunch, hung out. It was an epic experience especially for my cousin’s son who had just turned 12.”

Sarah Jessica Parker

“We ran into her in a deli in NYC… Me and my work partner were in uniform on break sitting down having breakfast. We are city workers [and] she started a conversation with us. Even signed stuff for us. I’ve met quite a few celebs in NYC… She was by far the nicest.”

Olly Murs

“His manager was being a d*ckbag and shouting at everyone no photos and that Olly has no time to talk. The guys just turns to his manager, gives him a ‘what the f*ck’ look and is like: ‘These people made me’. He then proceeds to go round and have a small chat and a picture with absolutely everyone there!”

Matthew McConaughey

“I met him at an airport. I was an employee and he had some TSA questions. Genuinely nice, we had a great chat for about 15 minutes. After he was set, we shook hands, he had his kids all thank me individually and shake my hand as well.

“When he then hopped into the TSA line, everyone FREAKED out in line and was taking pictures, swooning etc. He looked me dead in the eye from across the terminal and gave me a light wave again and turned around chuckling a bit.”


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