5 reasons to take your little one to In The Night Garden… Live

It’s safe to say that all parents are familiar with Upsy Daisy, Igglepiggle and co., with most more up-to-date with the goings-on in the Night Garden than they are with the latest, on-trend Netflix original series.

CBeebies’ classic bedtime TV show, In The Night Garden, has been entertaining our little ones for years now, with the nightly stories providing much-needed ‘unwinding’ time for pre-school children, and the creators have once again taken the show on the road to entertain their young fans in person.

Yes, In The Night Garden… Live is back for a national tour, inviting children and their carers to journey into the Night Garden for an unforgettable live-action experience.

With a choice of two 50-minute shows, the Ninky Nonk show and the Pinky Ponk show, In The Night Garden… Live is the perfect way to introduce your children to the world of theatre – and here are five reasons why you and your little one should check it out:

It’s Magical

There is nothing quite like the innocence of a child, and the way that their face will light up at the sight of their favourite characters coming to life just a few feet in front of them is absolutely incredible.

From the moment that you walk into the famous Showdome you will be transported into a magical world full of twinkling fairy lights and dazzling stars, and the instant the iconic music starts playing as the show begins is nothing short of chilling.

Keeping the attention of under-fives is no mean feat but the constant set changes and the gradual introduction of all of the main characters is perfectly paced for the young audience, who will be mesmerised from beginning to end.

It’s Just Like The TV Show

One of the main draws of In The Night Garden is how well it fits into your child’s bedtime routine. Every episode follows the same basic narrative, including the chirping birds counting down each segment of the 20-minute show.

This same format is used for the live performance, meaning that the children effortlessly understand what is going on and aren’t left confused by a missing all-too-familiar plot point.

For example, our little one squeals with delight every time the chirping birds come on screen during the TV episode and I was glad to see that this was included in the live show, and his reaction was absolutely priceless.

Likewise, every single character features in both live shows, meaning that regardless of whether your little one loves Makka Pakka or the Pontipines, they will leave the Showdome happy.

It Couldn’t Be More Kid-Friendly

Obviously we’d all hope that a show aimed at under-fives would be child-friendly, however, we were impressed with just how kid-orientated the entire day was.

Instead of individual chairs, the audience sit on tiered steps, giving little ones the freedom to wriggle around and explore. There is also an incredibly organised indoor buggy park for all of the pushchairs and prams, which is supervised at all times.

The show itself is particularly aware of the needs of their young audience, with each song being sung two times to allow the children to sing and dance along as much as possible, and there is just enough humour within the story to have little ones howling with laughter.

Likewise, all of the staff working at the Showdome are incredibly friendly and interact with the children throughout the day, making the entire experience all the more special.

Included in the ticket price is a souvenir brochure for each child, which helps to occupy them before the show starts, and there is also a selection of In The Night Garden merchandise available to buy, starting at just £4.

Arguably the best merchandise available has to be the In The Night Garden Goody Bag, which costs just £29 if you buy online ahead of your performance or £39 on the day. Worth £64 at RRP, the bag includes a gorgeous five-piece dinner set, character windmill, DVD, book, magazine, soft toy, sticker book, and hand puppet [pictured above].

All of the goodies really helped to occupy our little one ahead of the show and also worked like a charm on the journey home, with the flashing windmill being a particular favourite and the five-piece dinner set causing excitement every time we get it out at meal times.

You Can Meet A Character

On top of the Goody Bag, In The Night Garden… Live also has the option to add a ‘Meet The Character’ experience to your day, with your child invited to meet either Upsy Daisy or Igglepiggle after the show.

This experience was no doubt the highlight of the entire day for us, with our little one’s overwhelming joy at meeting his idol Upsy Daisy bringing tears to our eyes and something that we could not have been happier to share.

Although they are unable to speak, the characters are incredibly interactive with the children and offer lots of big cuddles and kisses, allowing the children to touch their noses or tug on their clothes or whatever it is that the little one wants to do at that precise moment.

You get a photo with the character included in the package, which will serve as a physical reminder as all of the priceless memories that you have made as a family.

Your Child Will Love It

In short, there is absolutely no doubt that your child will love a trip to the Night Garden, with the fantastic show, incredible extras, and child-friendly venue meaning that the entire day will be an experience that neither of you will forget.

The show acts as an introduction to the world of theatre and live performance for under-fives and although it is, of course, primarily aimed at children, you will also be left amazed by the effort and effects that have gone into this impeccable production.

Click here to find out more about In The Night Garden… Live.


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