Piers Morgan’s biggest celebrity spats

If you ask anybody what Piers Morgan is most famous for then they’ll probably say his scathing Twitter account, with the TV presenter regularly getting into a war of words with some of the biggest celebrity names out there.

Most of the time, the stars graciously ignore the nasty comments but occasionally the celeb responds and an almighty row ensues.

Here is a countdown of some of Piers’ biggest celebrity spats:

Piers has had a fair few run ins in his time.

This one is arguably Piers’ most famous feud and it ended with him getting punched in the face no less than three times. It all kicked off when the rent-a-gob (that’s Piers, not Jeremy) was still the editor at The Mirror and he set his sights on Clarkson. For some reason, Piers became convinced that Jezza was up to no good and began borderline stalking him with press and photographers following Jeremy everywhere he went. Eventually, Jeremy got a bit bored of this and when he bumped into Piers at an awards’ ceremony he reportedly walked straight over to him and punched him three times in the face, leaving Piers with a scar above his left eye. The physical aspect of their feud has now died down, but they’re still constantly slagging one another off on their respective Twitter accounts.

Actor Ewan McGregor impressed his fans earlier this year when he pulled out of his Good Morning Britain appearance after learning that Piers is the host. The star was unimpressed with Piers’ negative comments about the Women’s March, tweeting: “Was going on Good Morning Britain, didn’t realise @piersmorgan was host. Won’t go on with him after his comments about #WomensMarch”. Piers later accused Ewan of being a “paedophile-loving hypocrite”, citing his decision to work with director Roman Polanski. Yikes.

When he isn’t blasting feminism, Piers loves to slut-shame celebrity women, regularly slamming the likes of Kim Kardashian for their risque photoshoots. When model Emily Ratajkowski posed nude to speak out on sexual empowerment, Piers couldn’t resist tweeting her to ask if she wanted him to buy her some clothes. Sassy Em retorted: “Thanks, but I don’t need clothes as much as you need press.” Yas, you go girl. However, Piers wasn’t done and went on a huge rant about Emily being “comically deluded” and that she only poses nude “for money”. Em chose to keep a dignified silence.

If you follow Alan Sugar on Twitter then you’ll be more than aware of his disdain for Piers, with both men regularly tweeting insults to eachother. It’s thought that it all started when Piers appeared on a Comic Relief special of The Apprentice and got fired.

Charlotte has never kept her disdain for Piers to herself and last year she reignited their feud when asked who she believed the worst person on Twitter was. Of course the singer chose professional troll Piers, saying “I really, really don’t like Piers Morgan… I think he’s a bit of a heinous human being.” Piers hit back, writing: “Oh no, @charlottechurch – this is devastating! I’ve always craved the support of whiny, gobby, foul-mouthed dimwit D-list has beens.”

You’d think that even Piers would know better than to pick a fight with a One Direction star but it appears that he missed the memo and felt the wrath of Directioners everywhere after he slammed Niall Horan. For some reason, Piers took great offence to the Irish star being Rory Mcllory’s caddie in the Masters Par 2 contest and tweeted: “So far @NiallOfficial, I’ve watched you hit it in the water & fall over. Think I’ll go to bed before things get even worse! #Augusta”. Niall hit back: “@piersmorgan when was the last time you caddied at the par 3 at the masters piers? Oh yeh never ! Back to bed old man!” Then Niall let his millions of fans finish the job, with Piers being inundated with tweets blasting him for criticising Niall.

Piers definitely met his match when he came up against seriously sassy Chrissy Teigen, who was left outraged when Piers tweeted inflammatory comments about Muhammad Ali just two days after his death. Claiming that he didn’t want to be made to sound “too perfect” when he died, Chrissy’s husband John retorted: “You could test us by announcing your retirement.” Chrissy added: “From what? Trolling isn’t a job (I’ve tried)”. Piers ignored John’s comments but hit back at Chrissy, mocking her career as a model and later calling her “the world’s biggest, lamest ‘celebrity’ troll”.

Arguably the biggest celeb feud of 2017 so far, J.K. and Piers were at loggerheads on Twitter for weeks – with some fans even questioning if this was due to sexual tension. The pair have never been fans of one another, with Piers mostly publicly disagreeing with J.K.’s liberal political stance, however, this year it all came to a head when J.K. resurfaced an old article that Piers had written praising her. Unaware that he was the one who wrote it, Piers played right into the author’s hands and slammed J.K. for sharing the article, accusing her of #HumbleBragging. Oh, Piers.

In 2011 Piers decided that he was the perfect person to slag of a US women’s soccer team, tweeting unsolicited and condescending advice on how to play football. Professional footballer Michael Owen defended the womens’ honour, tweeting: “Nothing worse than somebody that’s never kicked a ball advising others how to do it. I’m sure the US girls will welcome @piersmorgan’s advice.” However, Piers hit back and mocked Michael’s repeated substitutions ithe previous football season… So Michael poked fun at Piers’ moobs.

Piers has never appeared to like Madonna but the singer has mostly kept a dignified silence, despite Piers once throwing a bread roll at her during a party. However, she did hit back when Piers claimed that he’d banned Madge from his TV shows – with her manager releasing a letter sent to Madonna from Piers’ people requesting an interview. Awkward.




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