Hanson announce 2017 tour: Their style evolution

Stop what you’re doing and start ‘Mmmbop-ing’, Hanson have announced that they are going on a worldwide tour this year in honour of their 25th anniversary.

The Middle Of Everywhere tour will start in their home town of Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 21st before heading around the globe, performing in London on June 10th.

As if that wasn’t enough, the three brothers will also be releasing a Greatest Hits album as well as a new Christmas album, called Ooh Christmas.

I know what I’ll be asking Santa for this year…

In honour of Hanson’s grand return, I thought that we’d track the group’s style evolution from when they first burst onto the scene as fresh-faced preteens in the early 90s to now, enjoy!

The brothers first started out in 1992, with Isaac aged 12, Taylor aged 9 and Zac aged 7 – aww.

The early 90s were all about checked flannel shirts and moody poses.

Who says that Kim Kardashian invented the selfie? Here’s pictorial evidence that Hanson had the selfie-look down in 1994.

The boys hit the big time in 1997 when they’re biggest hit, ‘Mmmbop’ was released.

Long hair, don’t care – by 1998 Hanson had their famous blonde locks down to a T.

Every 90s kid has a photo of themselves in an outfit similar to these.

By 2003 the boys had cut off their hair but were still big fans of mix-matched shirts and t-shirts.

It’s 2004, Isaac is now aged 24 and decided to show off his new maturity with a tie.

The boys were back in the limelight again in 2006 and the blonde has well and truly gone. GASP.

Hanson’s last red carpet appearance was in 2013, and don’t they look smart?

One of the most recent group photos of the Hanson brothers was taken in Christmas last year – we hope that this is the cover to their new Christmas album!




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