14 bizarre celebrity friendships: The most unlikely BFFs

Earlier today I was left pretty shocked when Paul O’Grady revealed that he is good friends with Hollywood hunk Tom Hardy.

Speaking to heat magazine, Paul explained: “He likes coming down to Battersea to hang out with the dogs.

“People come in to look at the dogs and you see them staring at him thinking ‘Is that Tom Hardy?’. I have his number and, yes, we text each other.”

This unlikely friendship only serves as further proof that the world of celebrity is actually rather small, meaning that it is only inevitable that unlikely, cross-genre stars will bump into eachother, mingle, and befriend one another over time.

In fact, Paul and Tom are far from the most bizarre celebrity friendships of our time, here are 14 others that might just surprise you:

Paul, 61, first met 39-year-old Tom when the actor appeared on his TV series, ‘For The Love Of Dogs’ back in 2015.
The pair subsequently bonded over their, erm, love of dogs and now regularly text each other – who’d have thought it?

Hollywood royalty Meryl Streep and rapper 50 Cent hit it off when they were seated next to eachother a basketball game in January 2014.
The pair got along like a house on fire and were holding hands and sharing cuddles by the end of the match.

Lady Gaga hit it off with EastEnders’ legend June Brown when they met on The Graham Norton Show back in 2013.
The pair kept in touch and Gaga invited June over to her London hotel for afternoon tea the next month, also inviting her to be her plus one at her London performances.
It is thought that June, 90, and Gaga are sure to keep in touch whenever the singer is in the UK.

In 2012, England Test cricketer Geoff Boycott gushed about how much he loved singing superstar Katy Perry, with the pair eventually meeting in May 2014. Afterwards, Katy told him: “I just think you’re beautiful and your style is stunning.
“When I’m next in the UK you’ll have to show me around the Yorkshire countryside.”
Well, why shouldn’t they be friends, eh?

We have a feeling that nobody is more surprised by Jedward’s close friendship with Hollywood actress Tara Reid than Jedward are, with the pair befriending the American beauty during their first stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house.
The trio kept in touch over the years and Tara even popped up during their CBB appearance earlier this year to wish her bezzie mates luck.
Who’d have thought it?

To be honest, James Blunt is one of those celebrities who can’t really surprise me any more, but I’d definitely love to know what is going on in this cute pic with Hulk Hogan.
The pair met at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2006 and the rest, as they say, is history.

In 2014, before we knew that Hillary Clinton would be Donald Trump’s closest presidential competitor, Rylan Clark-Neal met and interviewed the US politician for This Morning.
Putting on no airs and graces, Rylan won Hillary over when he referred to her as “Hils” and “babes”, and he continued to support her political campaign over the years.

To be honest, I have no idea how this Oscar-winning actress and the Strictly Come Dancing judge know eachother so well that they’re both happy to cosy up like this backstage, but I kind of love it.

I mean, why wouldn’t EastEnders’ RICKAYYYYYYYY Butcher be partying with US bad boy rapper, Chris Brown?
The pair were papped hanging out at GreyStone Manor in LA back in 2013.

To be honest, nice guy David Beckham is friends with basically everybody in the celebrity world so it’s no real surprise that he is on good terms with rapper Snoop Dogg.
However, what is shocking is just how close they are, with Snoop apparently playing his new music to Becks before anybody else.

The two Brits first met on the set of ‘Arthur’ and they got along so well that Russell gifted Helen with a diamond necklace.
The Hollywood legend gushed about her co-star: “Russell is the archetypal bad boy, who is really just the best, goodest boy you could possibly meet.”

After being slammed for homophobic lyrics in his controversial raps, Eminem joined forces with Elton John at the 2001 Grammys, later recording a special version of ‘Stan’, with Elton taking on Dido’s words.
Em later explained: “I told him, ‘Look, I’m going through a problem and I need your advice.'” and Elton was more than willing to lend a helping hand.

Scary Spice might have looked like she had no idea who Kris Jenner was when she approached her backstage at the National Television Awards in 2015, but actually, Mel and the Kardashians go way back.
Apparently Kim and Mel grew close shortly after Mel moved to LA, and even attended her baby shower for North West.

Who would have thought that RiRi and the Big Bang Theory actor would become bezzie mates after working on an animated film together, eh?
Is it wrong that we kind of ship it?


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