From farts to fannies: Countdown’s rudest moments

Teatime TV show Countdown is famous for the rude moments that leave their hosts red-faced and the guests in hysterics, with viewers loving nothing more than when Rachel Riley, or Carol Vorderman before her, unknowingly spell out the unexpected.

From farts to fannies, there have been some serious clangers dropped during the Channel 4 show’s many years on air, so I thought that I’d take a look back at the 17 rudest moments so far.

Carol’s reaction to a word as innocent as ‘poo’ in this grainy screenshot is a real sign of the times – things are about to get so much worse, Vorders.

Toilet humour has Carol in hysterics once again with this unfortunate spelling.

Rachel tried to keep a straight face as she spelt out this rude word.

And on the topic of bumholes…

Carol kept it professional as she was asked to spell out ‘Erotica’.

But she wasn’t *quite* as composed when the word ‘Porn’ came along.

Get your mind out of the gutter, this word was spelt out in the context of somebody ‘fannying about’.

The look in Rachel’s eyes says it all.

And the TV star looked just as uncomfortable when this word popped up.

This one was a definite viewer favourite.

The worst part of this ‘itchy semi’ is that it was actually a Countdown conundrum – meaning that the words had purposefully been arranged in that way!

Same with ‘large baps’ – another rude conundrum!

‘Erection’ might be a perfectly legitimate word, but it still had viewers stifling giggles.

Anybody else getting flashbacks to laughing through sex ed?

Ah, a less-than-official word for female genitalia, lovely.

It was none other than Myleene Klass who spotted this naughty word, telling Rachel: ‘I have a rude one’.

It might not be explicitly spelt out, but we all saw it… Right?




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