What I learned when I spent the evening with Lindsay Lohan

First Published: July 2015

If there is one thing that I absolutely love, it is ice cream. If there is another thing that I absolutely love, it’s chocolate. So when I was invited along to the launch of Magnum Ice Cream’s London Pleasure Store, you can bet your bloomin’ aunt that I was down there sooner than you can say: ‘ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE FOR ALL’.

And, as it happens, it looks like I wasn’t the only one.


Hollywood starlet, redheaded babe, and all-round bundle of gorgeousness, Lindsay Lohan, also popped along to the exclusive bash, and she tried her hand at designing not one but three of her very own nifty-looking Magnums.

After spending an evening in the presence of the 29 year old, I learned something rather amazing: Lindsay Lohan is totally and completely normal.

Don’t believe that an actual movie star like Linds could be just like the rest of us? Here’s the evidence:

1. Yes, She Does Eat More Than Just Salad

One of the great myths surrounding celebrities is that they are this higher species who don’t do the regular things that us non-famous folk do, y’know, like eat actual nice and indulgent food.


[Copyright: PA]

Famed for her tiny body, which she was showing off in a gorge cream lace Alice Temperley dress, Lindsay is one of those celebs who is always plagued with all kinds of unkind rumours – with speculation surrounding her size being a hot topic in the press. However, with my very own eyes, I witnessed the star enthusiastically design her own ice cream, opting to personalise her milk chocolate Magnum with silver balls, vermicelli, and strawberry chocolate pearls.

She then went on to eat the whole thing without a second thought, and without a side of lettuce leaves, because Magnums are delicious and literally nobody can resist them.


Take that, haterz.

2. She’s Super Shy

Lindsay has been in the spotlight ever since she was a toddler but really hit the big time aged eleven, when she appeared as twins Hallie and Annie in The Parent Trap.

Despite her vast experience as a celebrity, she still gets a bit embarrassed when it comes to actually being a celebrity and is plonked in front of an entire crowd of people, noticeably blushing after she’d wowed us all at her photo call, and visibly more comfortable when next to her trusted agent and friends.


Who knew, eh?

3. She Hates Being Sang Happy Birthday To

Own up, who actually enjoys being sung Happy Birthday to? I mean, it’s bad enough when it’s just your family or a few pals, but those times when you’re in a restaurant and the waiters get the entire room singing along while everybody gawps at you?

It’s awkward, you don’t know what to do with yourself, and you normally end up laughing.


And, as it happens, Lindsay is exactly the same.


When the entire room decided that as her 29th birthday was just a few hours away we should all burst into a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ she was clearly super chuffed by it all, but at the same time, seriously embarrassed.

All of those eyes staring at you and singing? It’s enough to make anyone burst into fits of giggles, which she proceeded to do in the most adorable and endearing way.



4. She’s Actually Really Approachable

A lot of celebs, especially those who have starred in Hollywood blockbusters, aren’t really down for hanging out and chatting with people they don’t know at parties, Lindsay, on the other hand, was more than approachable and didn’t have even a whisper of arrogance about her.

Although clearly a little bit awkward thanks to the hype surrounding her, she was friendly and warm towards anyone who came her way, flinging her arms around those who asked for a photo and willingly posing for a cheeky selfie.



5. She Struggled In Yesterday’s Heat

In case you weren’t aware, yesterday the city of London was hit with the hottest ruddy heatwave in almost a decade, with temperatures reaching a whopping 36 degrees, slowly melting everybody who dared to step away from the air con.

When Lindsay arrived to the fancy party, she was actually a little bit later than expected but it was soon explained that she actually got held up because it’s NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO APPLY MAKE-UP IN THIS SCORCHING WEATHER.


That’s not her shouting, it’s me, because the struggle was real and I know that feeling all too well.

In fact, it was so hot that the star was also sweltering when inside the venue, and after we’d had a very British natter about the weather, I directed her to the nearest fan that I’d previously been hogging in order to keep myself cool.

After all, if you can’t share a fan with Lindsay bloomin’ Lohan then who can you share it with, eh?


Me with the amazing Lindsay Lohan ❤


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