Ryan Gosling ‘lookalike’ tricks German awards ceremony and accepts La La Land’s prize

Let’s just accept that La La Land and award ceremonies do. not. mix.

After that whole Oscars fiasco a couple of weeks back, where La La Land were awarded with the gong for Best Picture when Moonlight were the actual winners, the film finds itself back in the headlines after a prankster duped a German film awards ceremony into believing that he is Ryan Gosling.

Organisers are now reviewing security.

In fact, Ludwig Lehner even took to the stage to accept La La Land’s Goldene Kamera award, giving his thanks with a strong German accent.

After excited host Steven Gaetjen introduced Gosling as “one of the hottest stars in Hollywood” Lehner, who is a cook from Munich, told guests: “Good evening, I am Ryan Gosling!

“I dedicate this award to Joko and Klass, thank you very much. There is a saying in Hamburg, which is: ‘Bye bye’.”

The host was very excited to be introducing Ryan Gosling.

Do you think that he passes for the Hollywood star?

It later transpired that German comedians Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf were to thank for the hoax, with the pair setting up a fake agency and contacting the show’s organisers to tell them that Hollywood star Ryan would appear at the show if they guaranteed that he’d win something.

German comedians Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf were responsible for the prank.

This is not unusual for the Goldene Kamera awards, which usually focuses on German actors and directors but do invite A-List names to the event if they have won a prize.

For this reason, real life celebrities, Nicole Kidman, Jane Fonda and Colin Farrell, were all sitting in the audience as fake Gosling took to the stage – and they looked stunned to say the least.

Nicole Kidman looked confused

And Colin Farrell looked unimpressed

Although the audience appeared to twig that something fishy was going on, the broadcaster’s translator seemed unaware and continued to repeat what ‘Ryan’ was saying in German for viewers at home.

Thankfully, organisers soon realised that something was up and the host took to the stage to explain that there had been a mistake, with it being reported that the annual ceremony has called for a complete revision of their security measures following the blunder.

We can’t help but wonder what Ryan makes of all of this… Although his reaction at the Oscars tells us that he probably sees the funny side.


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