Catfish: The TV show: 9 most shocking moments of all time

Big news, guys – the brand new series of Catfish returned to UK screens last week, with Nev Schulman and Max Joseph returning to seek justice on the cruel Internet fraudsters of the world.

In celebration of its big comeback, I thought that I’d take a look back at some of the most outrageous, unbelievable and downright shocking moments to have already hit our screens.

There have been some SHOCKERS in this MTV show.

Can the new series live up to any of these? We’ll have to wait and see.

1. Artis and Jess

When you hear the words ‘Catfish’ and ‘shocking’ you probably think of Justin, the ‘relationship vigilante’ who set up fake profiles to expose men who were willing to cheat on their girlfriends.

Y’see, Artis thought that he was chatting online with a hot girl named Jess and was prepared to dump his real life girlfriend, and the mother of his three children, for her.

Justin appeared to be looking for a physical fight – yikes.

However, when Nev, Max and Artis ventured to a local park to meet Jess, they were greeted by a wild-eyed Justin who came out of his car slow-clapping and desperate for a fight.

Even Nev and Max were scared of the eccentric character, with Max famously exclaiming: “I don’t want to talk to him!” when Nev left them together so that he could comfort Artis.

Oh, it also lead to this pretty sensational dialogue:

Arguably the most famous Catfish conversation in the show’s history.


2. Kya and Alyx

This was shocking for less scary reasons, with Nev and Max helping Kya meet the “attractive European boy” Alyx who she’d been chatting to online.

Unsurprisingly, Alyx wasn’t the person in the photos, in fact, he turned out to be a transgender man who was just starting his transition. As it happens, Kya wasn’t the person in her photos either, sending Alyx images of a completely different woman.

Both Kya and Alyx were telling porkies… But it still worked out.

Despite all the lies, the two decided to stay together and, as the old saying goes, lived happily ever after… Ish.

3. Jennifer and Skylar

Jennifer was left devastated when she discovered her ‘first true love’, Skylar, who she’d met on a gaming site, was actually somebody called Bryan.

The shock came when Bryan showed no remorse whatsoever for his treatment of Jennifer, admitting that he didn’t think what he did was “cruel” and instead claiming that he was “trying to give her a gift”:



Nev and Max went into full-on protective mode and demanded that Bryan never contacted Jennifer again, comforting her through her heartache.

Nev and Max made sure that Jen had a good trip regardless.

4. Lucille and Kidd Cole

This was all kinds of messed up. Lucille thought that she was in contact with a successful rapper called Kidd Cole, who claimed that he had links to Kanye West and Robin Thicke, and he and his ‘manager’ Miguel had even duped her out of a lot of money by hiring her to organise luxurious events.

The whole thing was a scam and Lucille was left with crippling debts after Miguel and Kidd Cole disappeared without paying her, and when confronted by Nev and Max on a pier, Nev got so angry he threw Kidd Cole’s phone into the sea.

Iconic sassy Nev.


5. Solana and Elijah

This one was shady from the start. Solana told Nev and Max that she’d been in a relationship with Elijah for five years after they met on Myspace aged 14, revealing that they had a close connection but Elijah would sometimes go off the radar.

He then claimed that he can’t call or video chat with Solana because the gadget he was using doesn’t facilitate that kind of technology.

Things seemed pretty creepy…

Nev and Max eventually trace Elijah’s number to a 33 year old called Denise and when they arrive at Elijah’s home, they’re left scared when a random man called Joshua lets them in and leaves them alone inside the home after disappearing downstairs.

The big shock comes when… Elijah walks up the stairs! He is exactly who he said he is, in spite of the seriously weird behaviour:

…But Elijah was legit!

However, the pair don’t hit it off romantically and walked away from the show as friends.

6. Spencer and Katy

Let’s be honest, when Spencer claimed that he’d been in a six year relationship with popstar Katy Perry, we all knew that it was going to be a dupe – especially considering Katy had been in two very high profile relationships with Russell Brand and Orlando Bloom in that time.

However, the shock came when Spencer refused to accept that he’d really been Catfished by a girl named Harriet, and after Nev and Max flew the lovestruck boy to the UK to meet Harriet, who tells him that she is the one who has been tricking him, he still insists that it’s all an elaborate prank pulled by Katy to keep their romance a secret.

Spencer refused to believe that Katy was actually Harriet.

Harriet later told Nev and Max that after they met Spencer had emailed her account as though she were Katy, but eventually he managed to accept that it wasn’t real.


7. Keyonnah and Bow Wow

This one was dramatic, outrageous and even pretty darn illegal, with Keyonnah believing that she was in a relationship with the rapper Bow Wow, and you can’t blame her considering he once had his assistant send her $10,000.

However, Nev and Max discover that Bow Wow is actually a woman called Dee, who admits to using the profile to meet girls, start a romantic relationship and trick them into believing that she is a man.

Keyonnah though she was talking to the rapper, Bow Wow.

And yes, that includes in the bedroom.

In fact, Dee stunned viewers everywhere when she brazenly declared:


Despite this, the two girls kept in touch and Dee remains an aspiring rapper.

8. Lucas and Many

Nev and Max were left stunned when they discovered that a guy called Zac was using a fake profile, under the name of Lucas, to Catfish as many as 400 women via Tinder.

They first start out with one victim, Jayme, and soon are contacted by others, Urszula and Sarah, and the trio – alongside our beloved hosts – confront Zac at his home.

Lucas still had the rude photos on his phone.

Zac shows absolutely no remorse and the biggest shock comes when he insists that he’d immediately deleted any indecent photos that he received from his victims, only for Nev to take his phone and discover that the incriminating images were still saved.

Needless to say, Nev, Max and the girls were fuming.

9. Whitney and Bre

Whitney and Bre’s romance sounded like a classic case of Catfishing, with Bre insisting that she couldn’t video-chat because she doesn’t have any wi-fi.

However, in perhaps the biggest shock of all, Nev and Max soon discover that Whitney does know that Bre is the real deal and she had actually been Catfishing the show in a bid to get a free plane ticket to meet her girlfriend.

Whitney and Bre duped the whole team.

Despite being duped, Nev and Max follow through and take Whitney to Los Angeles to meet Bre.

All’s well that ends well, eh?


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