Piers Morgan defends Louis Tomlinson amid airport arrest drama

It’s not very often that you get Piers Morgan sticking up for people, but even he can’t see what Louis Tomlinson did wrong after watching leaked footage of Louis Tomlinson’s so-called airport brawl on Friday.

The star was arrested at LAX airport and released on $20,000 bail following the scuffle, but video footage of the incident was soon obtained by Radar Online and Louis’ fans, as well as other celebrities, fail to see what the One Direction star did wrong.

Piers very rarely defends his fellow celebs.

Louis was travelling with Eleanor Calder when he arrived at the American airport, and a pap immediately invades the fashionista’s personal space as he thrusts a camera in her face, with Louis approaching the pap and telling him to stop.

Louis is then caught on camera slipping as he follows Eleanor, accidentally knocking the pap down as he falls due to the fact that the pap was still very much in the star’s personal space.

While all of this is going on, Eleanor had been backed into a corner by two random girls, who were seemingly pulling her hair in the video. Seeing this, Louis rushes over, asking airport staff for help, and pulls one of the girls off Eleanor, with the two falling to the floor again.

The video footage shows Louis slip, accidentally knocking the pap.

Eleanor cowers in a corner as she is attacked by a random girl

Once Eleanor is safe, the singer walks away – with many seeing that he only behaved in self defence and the defence of Eleanor.

Despite this, Louis has still faced backlash and Piers has now spoken out to blast the critics, saying on Good Morning Britain this morning: “I’m with Louis, I’ve watched the footage and I think he was treated appallingly.

“He was just defending his girlfriend.”

Piers spoke out in Louis’ defence this morning.

He went on to add: “I feel sorry for him, he was just getting bothered at the airport by fans, get over yourselves.

“He’s a nice guy, he’s lost his mum in tragic circumstances, just a few months ago.

“He’s obviously, I imagine, feeling very raw, feeling very protective of his girlfriend, and these awful fans – if that’s what they want to call themselves – they were just behaving reprehensibly, that can’t happen.

“I’ve got a lot of sympathy for Louis, you can’t be terrorising people in that way.”

Louis sadly lost his mother to cancer in December.

We couldn’t agree more.

Louis’ close friend Ben Winston had previously spoken out in the star’s defence, writing on Twitter: “Shocked @Louis_Tomlinson was arrested. Vid clearly shows he pulls 2 girls off his gf & a pap trips. Even asks staff for help. Wrongful arrest.”

Neither Louis or Eleanor have publicly commented on the incident, with Louis due in court on March 29th.


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