Louis Tomlinson arrest: Video footage shows shocking truth of what really happened

Yesterday morning, we were all left shocked when we heard that One Direction star Louis Tomlinson had been arrested after “attacking the paparazzi” at LAX airport.

The star was released from jail on $20,000 bail and is due in court on March 29th.

Louis Tomlinson (Judy Eddy/WENN.com)

Louis arguably did nothing wrong.

Obviously fans were speculating about what on earth could have happened in this so-called airport brawl, with the rumour mill going into overdrive until video footage of the entire incident emerged after being obtained by Radar Online.

Louis was travelling – and donning matching blue tracksuits – with Eleanor Calder, who he has known for several years, and in the footage a male pap can be seen shoving his camera into Eleanor’s face and invading her personal space.

Louis approaches the pap and seemingly attempts to push away the camera as Eleanor calmly walks out of shot. When Louis and the pap follow her, Louis drops his phone and slips as he bends to pick it up – accidentally knocking down the pap who had continued to walk incredibly close to the star.

Louis exclaims: “What is happening here? What the hell is happening? Can we get some help?” as he jumps up, grabs his phone and rushes over to Eleanor – who has been backed into a corner by two females and is seemingly having her hair pulled.

A pap is seen thrusting his camera in Eleanor’s face [RADAR ONLINE]

Louis approaches the pap and tries to grab his camera [RADAR ONLINE]

Louis slips, knocking the pap down as he falls [RADAR ONLINE]

Louis spots that Eleanor is in trouble [RADAR ONLINE]

Eleanor cowers in a corner as she is attacked by a random girl [RADAR ONLINE]

The 25-year-old singer rushes over and grabs a girl in a grey hoodie, pulling her off Eleanor, as another girl in black tracksuit bottoms grabs him from behind.

Both Louis and the girl in the grey hoodie fall to the floor, with airport security attempting to calm down the situation.

The clip ends with Louis and Eleanor walking out of the airport as the girls continue to shout after them.

Louis falls to the floor again, this time with the girl who attacked Eleanor [RADAR ONLINE]

Louis and Eleanor leave the airport [RADAR ONLINE]

Following the video’s release, Louis’ close friend, Ben Winston, took to Twitter to defend the star, writing: “Shocked @Louis_Tomlinson was arrested. Vid clearly shows he pulls 2 girls off his gf & a pap trips. Even asks staff for help. Wrongful arrest.”

Louis’ collaborator, Steve Aoki, added: “Wish the paparazzi respected personal space.”

Neither Louis or Eleanor have commented on the altercation, but both appear to be widely supported online after the video’s appearance, and I just hope that they are doing okay after a no-doubt scary incident.


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