8 celebrities who look EXACTLY like their non-famous siblings

It’s been a busy week for the hot siblings of celebrities, with Ryan Gosling’s older sister, Mandi, turning heads when she attended the Oscars on Sunday night as the Hollywood star’s plus one.

On top of that, Zac Efron fans have just noticed how bloomin’ gorgeous his brother, Dylan, is after Zac shared a photo of himself alongside his bro on his buzzing Instagram profile.

Both Mandi and Dylan prove that good looks run in their celebrity sibling’s gene pool, and I thought I’d take a look at 7 other stars who share an uncanny resemblance with their brother or sister – enjoy.

Zac’s brother Dylan is causing an Internet storm after the actor shared a photo.

I have to admit, I did a double take when I spotted this pic of Emma with her brother Alex, with the pair looking so alike that I initially thought Emma’s face had been photoshopped onto a man’s body.
But no, that really is Alex Watson and he really is gorgeous, with the 24 year old quickly being snapped up to model for Burberry.

No, Penelope Cruz doesn’t have a secret identical twin – that is her younger sister, Monica, who is a Spanish actress and dancer and the absolute double of her Hollywood actress big sis.
Can you tell who is who?

Katy Perry’s sister Angela appears to show us all what Katy would look like if she wasn’t busy being one of the most successful popstars in the world.
Although she’s missing her sibling’s crazy costumes and trademark hair and make-up, Angela’s face is a complete double for Katy’s.

As far as sibling lookalikes go, Angelina Jolie and her brother, James Haven, are pretty much at Emma and Alex Watson’s level of similarity.
The sharp cheekbones, full lips and sparkling green eyes – it looks like the pair’s parents had more than enough good genes to go around.

There were clearly plenty of good genes to go around in the Huntington-Whiteley family as supermodel Rosie’s younger brother, Toby, is also a successful model.
The pair share strikingly similar facial features, including their nose shape and gorgeous full lips.

Taylor Swift fans have been lusting over her younger brother, Austin, since the singer’s career began – and it’s clear to see why.
Austin is absolutely gorgeous and shares his big sister’s cat-like eyes, nose and sharp cheekbones.

To be honest, it’s no surprise that Scarlett and Hunter look alike considering the fact they’re twins.
Hunter shares his sister’s nose and famous lips but has brown eyes instead of Scarlett’s green.


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