Ant and Dec have ‘six figure’ insurance policies against each other

Presenters Ant and Dec are arguably the biggest UK double act of all time.

The pair have forged a career spanning decades together, first shooting to fame after appearing on Byker Grove back in the 90s and then taking over the nation as lovable TV hosts.

The pair have promised that they won’t bump the other off for the payout.

Together, the Geordie stars have earned millions and won countless awards off the back of their incredibly strong friendship, so really it comes as no surprise that the duo have taken precautions when it comes to the unthinkable.

Whilst many of us would rather not consider the concept of our best friend dying, Ant and Dec were forced to act sensibly when it comes to the morbid topic, confirming that they have “six figure” insurance policies against each other in the event that one of them dies.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, Dec Donnelly shared: “I insure him and he insures me.

“If something were to happen, then the other one would get a payout.”

The duo met on Byker Grove back in 1990.

However, Ant McPartlin was keen to enforce that nothing sinister would ever happen in order to get the payout, adding: “It’s six figures, I think. It’s big! But it’s not like anything evil is going to happen.

“I think I would be the first suspect if we were together and Dec suddenly fell off a cliff! I’ve got a big motive.”

The pair also admitted that they wouldn’t dare split up on TV, with the duo briefly causing a meltdown when they did separate solo links whilst presenting I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Speaking about the outrage that the separation sparked, Ant said: “We’ve been warned off doing it now. Honestly, we didn’t realise it would be such a big deal.

The pair briefly separated on I’m A Celeb and caused mass outrage.

“We got on our Twitter feeds afterwards and were like, ‘OMG, Britain has gone into meltdown!’

“Whenever we think of ideas, we think about how we would do it together.”

Phew, I have to admit that that is a huge relief.

And despite being around for years, Ant and Dec’s career doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon, with the pair winning their 16th National Television Award in a row last month and signing a new, three-year deal with ITV last summer, worth a rumoured £30million.


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