Mo Farah could be banned from the US under Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

On Friday, President Donald Trump signed an outrageous and controversial executive order that banned immigrants from seven Muslim nations from entering the United States, including Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for three months.

According to reports on social media, even immigrants who already have a green card to live in the US are having trouble entering America if their passport is from one of these seven countries.

Mo lives in the US with his family.

Under the new immigrant ban, Olympian Mo Farah could be prevented from returning to his home in Portland, Oregan, which he shares with his wife, Rhianna and their four children.

Mo is a practicing Muslim and was born in Mogadishu, holding a dual British-Somali nationality.

The sporting superstar moved to Britain at the age of eight, barely speaking any English, and has now become the UK’s most successful athlete with double gold medal wins.

Präsident Trump nach der Unterzeichnung des umstrittenen Dekrets.

Trump’s decision has sparked fierce backlash.

The Guardian report that Mo is currently training in Ethiopia and if he plans to return to his home in the next 90 days then he might find that he has trouble doing so.

There has not yet been any official comment from the star’s reps with regard to the Muslim ban.

As well as banning immigrants, Trump has also banned all refugees from entering the US for the next four months, with refugees from Syria banned “indefinitely”.

President Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Theresa’s response to Trump’s ban has faced anger.

Prime Minister Theresa May faced a furious backlash over the weekend after she refused to condemn Trump’s ban, with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn branding May “a disgrace” and Ed Miliband adding: “PM’s refusal to condemn Trump Muslim ban is shocking, wrong and cannot stand. It flies in the face of the values of people across Britain. [sic]”


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