David and Victoria Beckham secretly renewed their wedding vows

David and Victoria Beckham are my ultimate #CoupleGoals, and I am happy to report that the pair are just as helplessly in love as they appear to be – even if a few snarky sources will try and claim that they’re only together for the brand.

In fact, former footballer David has revealed that he and Victoria privately renewed their wedding vows as he spoke out about their, erm, lavish [read: tacky] 1999 wedding in Ireland.

David insists that they’re not together just to save brand Beckham.

Speaking to Kirsty Young for a special 75th anniversary edition of Radio 4’s ‘Desert Island Discs’, Becks said of their public ceremony: “We did throw a lot at it.

“We have renewed our vows since then and it was a lot more private, there was about six people there in our house.”

Speaking about the thrones that they sat on alongside their outfits, he added: “That was pretty bold. Victoria’s was pretty nice.

David admits his and Victoria’s wedding was a bit much.

“Mine, I’m like what was I thinking? I even had a top hat in purple. What was I thinking?”

Hey, don’t beat yourself up too much, David – it was the 90s after all.

Discussing the speculation that surrounds their marriage, the star continued: “Of course you make mistakes over the years, we all know marriage is difficult at times and it’s about working through it.

“Whenever we’ve come up against tough times, we know each other better than anybody knows us so we talk. Do we stay together because it’s a brand?

The Beckhams are the picture perfect family.

“Of course not. We stay together because we love each other.

“We stay together because we have four amazing children. Of course we go through tough times.

“When we go through tough times we work through it as a unit, as a family.”


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