This couple look just like EastEnders’ Phil and Shirley and the Internet can’t cope

Okay, I know that it’s all very dramatic over in Albert Square at the moment, but can we just take a moment to stop thinking about the doom and gloom of that bus crash and instead marvel at this British couple who look exactly like Phil Mitchell and Shirley Carter?

It really is rather uncanny.



Summa Symonds took to Twitter to laugh at her dad, who had commented on a loved-up selfie of his mates: “Phil and Shirley out on the lash!”, writing alongside the screenshots, Summa quipped: “As if my dad commented this on his mate’s photo”.

It wasn’t long before her tweet went viral, soon amassing over 20,000 retweets and over 60,000 likes, with fellow EastEnders’ viewers commenting that they were “howling” and that the shot was “too funny”.

It has since been revealed that the doppelgangers are actually Sally Darley and Craig Moylan of Southampton, and they’ve admitted that they often get stopped in the street with people asking for photos because they look so much like the soap opera couple.

However, 46-year-old Sally is less than impressed by the comparison, telling The Mirror: “I don’t f***ing look like her, she’s old.”

Craig, 53, added: “We get stopped in the street and they want our photograph.

“People want autographs and they are shouting across the street.

The real deal.

The real deal.

“The funny thing about it is people even say my partner acts like Shirley. Someone once asked what she drinks it’s the same as what Shirley drinks – vodka.”

Unfortunately Steve McFadden and Linda Henry, who play the former onscreen couple, haven’t had their say on the resemblance, but at least BBC bosses know who they can call in if one of the stars goes on holiday.


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