Ed Sheeran admits that his mum took his art A-level for him

We all know that mothers will do anything for their children, but Ed Sheeran’s mum really might have crossed a line when she took his art A-level for him.

No, really, and apparently she nabbed him full marks as well.

Ed with his mum, Imogen.

Ed with his mum, Imogen.

Our favourite ginger-haired popstar has admitted that he missed the last four months of his time at school as he was working on his music career, but mummy Sheeran, aka Imogen, was determined that he wasn’t going to fail his exams so did the practical art test for him.

Ed told the Daily Star: “I didn’t turn up for the last four months of school and she didn’t want me to fail my art exam.

“So she did it for me because it was a practical.

It’s official: Ed Sheeran is back and better than ever! (Copyright: GHNASSIA/NMA2016/SIPA/REX/Shutterstock)

Thankfully Ed’s music career went pretty well…

“I got 100 percent A star on it and it was the only 100 percent A star in school.

“They do like a portfolio, I was just away touring saying: ‘No mum and I’m going to be a famous musician.’

“And she’s like: ‘No you have to get your grades.’ Then she did it and got 100 percent!”

Ed's mum nabbed top marks.

Ed’s mum nabbed top marks.

Well, at least Ed – or rather, Ed’s mum – had a nice back-up for if his music career didn’t go to plan…


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