Celebrity Big Brother: Angie Best and James Jordan in Twitter spat over Calum Best

Last night’s Celebrity Big Brother showed us a completely different side to Calum Best, who had previously proven to be one of the most popular housemates of the series.

In fact, viewers completely turned on the former playboy after he launched an uncalled for attack on Apprentice star Jessica Cunningham, slamming her for comforting Nicola McLean.

James and Angie have come to blows.

James and Angie have come to blows.

Fans of the show took to social media to blast Calum for his behaviour, including former housemate James Jordan – who has never been one to keep his opinions to himself.

Tweeting to his 200k followers, James wrote: “FINALLY! Seeing the other side of Calum. The side which I got to see in the house but you didn’t.”

However, one person wasn’t impressed with the tweet and that was Calum’s mum, and former housemate, Angie Best.

Hitting back at James, the outraged fitness instructor wrote: “Why so negative? You’re out now so don’t be jealous, doesn’t suit you.”

To which James retorted: “Only commenting on what I’ve seen babe. Not everything has to always be positive about Calum.”

He then added: “But as his mum I get why you are protective.”

Angie might just wish that she didn’t open the can of worms as after she tweeted James she was inundated with tweets about Calum, with one viewer even branding the star “a boring, snappy, spoilt mummy’s boy”.

Calum and Angie were in the CBB house together.

Calum and Angie were in the CBB house together.

As well as Calum, viewers have now turned on “disgusting” and “creepy” Jamie O’Hara following last night’s episode, with the former footballer being dubbed “sleazy” after he detailed a graphic sex dream he’d had about Nicola McLean, despite the fact that she is married to one of his friends, and that he’d been trying to get with Bianca Gascoigne whilst in the house.

In fact, throughout his time in the house Jamie has flitted from Jasmine Waltz to Nicola to Bianca and back to Nicola again, with many accusing the star of being desperate to feign a showmance to gain publicity after the show.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm, and I certainly couldn’t be more excited to see what is in store.


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