Hamilton fans slam Ticketmaster following shambolic pre-sale

After months and months of waiting, musical fans up and down the country rejoiced as the official pre-sale for Hamilton kicked off at midday today, however, many have been left outraged and disappointed after apparent website glitches lost them their tickets.

Although many lucky fans were able to secure tickets, a huge amount took to social media to blast Ticketmaster after their so-called ‘secured tickets’ were lost following a queue of up to one hour.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the music, lyrics, and book for Hamilton.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the music, lyrics, and book for Hamilton.

One angry fan tweeted the show’s official Twitter page: “[I] had 4 tickets selected in December twice and both times ticketmaster crashed – now can’t find anything?!”

Others added: “I’ve had 6 plus ticket combos get reject[ed] while waiting for them to be secure[d]. This is not on @TicketmasterCS not cool”.

“Argh booking Hamilton tickets and it gave me seats then it crashed and now I’ve just got a spinning ticket mocking me.”

“Checkout crashed. Not happy. #Hamilton”.

“I keep getting thrown out while they are securing my tickets!! Way to ruin my daughter’s birthday!!”

Hamilton is the most anticipated musical in recent years, with the production – created by Lin Manuel Miranda – taking Broadway by storm when it launched back in 2015.

It has since gone on to have unprecedented success in the United States, and in preperation for the high demand for tickets the West End production has banned the reselling of tickets by putting in place a rule that states the person who booked the tickets has to be present with the card that they paid with and ID.

The show has had unprecedented success.

The show has had unprecedented success.

This is certainly an admirable approach to stopping ticket touts from swiping all of the tickets and reselling them at an extortionate price, but unfortunately not much use when the website prevents fans from buying the tickets in the first place.

When approached for comment, Ticketmaster told me that the website “did not crash” but “technical issues” may have seen some users get pushed to the back of the queue.

They added that there are still tickets available for later in the show’s run.


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