Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Fans confused as they admit to liking James Jordan

Let’s be honest, James Jordan has never been the most popular of celebrities.

After finding fame as a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing alongside his wife Ola, James shot to prominence after he was fired from the hit BBC show after reportedly clashing with producers.

Fans love James' no-nonsense attitude.

Fans love James’ no-nonsense attitude.

James went on to maintain his reputation of being a little bit mouthy, often taking to his Twitter page to rant and complain about various TV shows/ people/ life in general.

When he first took part in Celebrity Big Brother back in 2014, he was mocked relentlessly after describing himself as the “Brad Pitt of the dancing world” and rubbed viewers up the wrong way with his direct way of speaking and apparent “arrogance”.

However, last night viewers found themselves – wait for it – warming to James, who is currently back in the CBB house as part of the show’s All Stars vs. New Stars series.

Austin threatened to leave the show.

Austin threatened to leave the show.

Over the past week, fans have watched James continuously stand up to US star Austin Armacost, who has been arguing with housemates left, right and centre.

In fact, he tickled viewers on Monday night when he asked Austin if he’d put on his tightest, smallest pair of Speedos because he was now up for eviction and teased the grumpy housemate over the fact that he’d received more nominations than notorious Big Brother villains, Speidi.

Last night, however, he really came into his own when Austin suffered yet another meltdown – this time dramatically threatening to leave the house because he doesn’t care about his pay cheque.

James and Austin had another altercation in the night.

James and Austin had another altercation in the night.

Austin was left visibly stunned when James refused to pander to him, simply telling the controversial star to leave if he wanted to, and he later reacted with dignity when Austin put water in his bed after James got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Viewers were left so surprised by their new fondness for James, they took to Twitter in their dozens to share their confusion:

Could James end up being the unlikely dark horse of the competition? Only time will tell.



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