EXCLUSIVE YouTuber Tanya Burr: ‘My dad banned me from the Internet’

Let’s be honest, if you haven’t heard of YouTube sensation Tanya Burr then you have probably been living under a rock for quite some time.

The 27 year old has a glittering career that has seen her garner millions of fans across the globe; she was named Glamour’s Woman Of The Year earlier this year, has her own exclusive make-up range, and is now celebrating the release of her second book; a baking book called ‘Tanya Bakes’.


And, if you’re wondering, Tanya achieved all of this after finding fame on YouTube with a channel that she launched way back in 2009, uploading make-up tutorial and shopping haul videos.

Tanya and her now-husband Jim Chapman found themselves among the first wave of young people to achieve unprecedented success through the video site and thanks to the internet she has been able to build herself an empire… Which is why I was so surprised to hear that when she was younger her parents imposed bans on the internet to limit the time that she spent on it.

Well, I bet they’re kicking themselves now, eh?


Speaking exclusively following the launch of Tanya Bakes, Tanya explained to me: “My dad put an internet ban on in our house and we only had the internet on between 4 and 6pm in the evening.

“Then we weren’t allowed on it any more.”

Still, the ban wasn’t enough to stop Tanya from utilising her time online as she admitted that she can’t quite believe that she has achieved so much through her YouTube videos.

The star added: “When I started my YouTube it was just a hobby. I had absolutely no idea this would come of it.


“I have always had a ‘dream big’ attitude and I have always had big ambitions but I didn’t even know it was possible to achieve them with YouTube, it wasn’t something that I ever thought would happen.”

And although Tanya has already found incredible success in both her personal and professional life, she’s continuing to climb the ladder as she goes on to tell me that the next step is for her to have a Hollywood film career.

Anybody else think that would be absolutely amazing?


Tanya told me: “I’m having acting lessons and trying to get into acting. I’m going to spend some time in LA in October and meet with lots of casting directors to audition.

“I’d like to do some film acting.”

Fingers crossed we’ll be seeing Tanya on the big screen before we know it!

Tanya’s new cookbook ‘Tanya Bakes’ is out now!


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