EXCLUSIVE The Naked Magicians: ‘The only time I’ve thrown a diva tantrum was when my penis was on fire’

In case you didn’t know, Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler are two attractive Australians who just so happen to be pretty incredible at magic and love performing in the buff, so when I heard that their critically-acclaimed magic show, er, The Naked Magicians, was coming to London’s West End, I just had to sit down with them for a chat.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had worse days in the office.


Chris, left, and Mike, right, are The Naked Magicians

Speaking exclusively, Chris and Mike opened up about how their show came to be, what it’s like stripping off in front of a baying audience night after night, and what the worst part of their unusual career path has been – and it was definitely an interesting chat.

“I don’t get nervous about getting naked anymore,” Mike began, “The first few times we did the show was pretty insane because we are best mates and we hadn’t seen eachother naked before.

“Getting naked in front of a small group of people is much more terrifying than a thousand people – we are a bit more used to it now.”


Explaining the reason behind spicing up their generic magic shows with a bit of good, fun, nudity, he continued: “We took parts of our own show as clothed magicians and we had to make them naughty.

“We created the context because we wanted to take magic to an audience that wouldn’t otherwise attend a magic show and what better way to do that than magic with our sleeves up and pants down?”

Chris added: “Magic is the second oldest profession in history and we couldn’t believe that no-one had ever done a naughty magic show before. We knew that it was either going to be the best or the worst idea ever; it was either going to define our careers or end them.”


Thankfully it appears to have done the former, with the duo’s stint in London coming after a successful tour across America followed by performances at Edinburgh Fringe Festival over the summer.

Still, there are some people who the two men would perhaps rather didn’t regularly watch their shows, with Mike continuing: “So many of my relatives have seen it, especially my parents.

“One of the defining moments in the first couple of weeks of doing the show  was when I was on stage for the finale, we had no clothes on at all, I looked down and Chris’ mum was in the front row and locked eyes with me… I can’t look at her the same way anymore.”


He cheekily added: “She keeps texting me too, it’s weird.”

Despite the potential awkwardness of their careers, Chris and Mike revealed that both sets of parents are incredibly supportive of their day job as they explained that showing a bit of skin has made a much more fun show with a party atmosphere than a generic magic show – although removing all sleeves does make the actual magic part of the performance a whole lot harder.

Chris explained: “It is harder but we have a saying: good magicians don’t need sleeves and great magicians don’t need pants.


“We’ve made it more challenging for ourselves and the magic in the show is very strong. The show is driven by three things: naughtiness, amazing humour and incredible magic.

“We were magicians for the best part of nine or ten years before we did this show so when we started we could make sure that the magic was really good and also hopefully give people something nice to look at.”

And I don’t think that audience members are complaining as both men go on to reveal that sometimes the women in the audience can get a bit carried away, with one even breaking into their dressing rooms after the show to demand a selfie with the naked stars.

They also get more than a little bit manhandled at the post-show meet and greets, with bum-slapping and attempted-groping being just a normal part of their working day and Mike insists that they don’t mind, telling me: “If that’s the worst work hazard there is then that’s okay.


“I mean, there’s much worse things.”

Still, it’s not all fun and games for the boys, with Chris revealing the one and only time that he has ever thrown a “diva tantrum” on the job, sharing: “We did a photoshoot for one of the biggest papers in our country, it was the front cover of the entertainment section and a big deal.

“We just had a top hat covering our penises and Mike threw flash paper in the air, which is paper that when you light it it burns straight away.

“He throws it up in the air and is pulling all these goofy poses, I don’t know if it was the humidity in the room or what but the flash paper didn’t burn instantly like it should and it landed on the tip of my d*ck and I got a little burn.

“The photographer then says that we missed the shot and we have to do it one more time, I’m not lying, Mike throws it up again and it’s like we’d just gone back in time. The same thing happens; it lands on the tip of my d*ck again and I was in agony.


“I almost lost my job and my hobby all in one moment, it was almost all gone in a heartbeat. That was the only time I’ve ever thrown a proper diva tantrum… Because my penis was on fire.”

Well, all things considered I reckon that it was a totally justifiable diva tantrum to throw.

Here’s hoping that nothing quite as traumatic goes wrong during their London shows!



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