EXCLUSIVE Tanya Burr reveals the secret to a balanced diet

I love Tanya Burr for a lot of reasons, but one of those reasons is that she isn’t afraid to admit that she loves scoffing dessert and cakes like the rest of us.

In fact, she loves sweet treats so much that she has released her very own cook book, Tanya Bakes, filled to the brim with her favourite recipes.


Seriously, if flicking through the glossy pages doesn’t leave your mouth watering then I really don’t know what will…

When I caught up with Tanya following the book’s release, I just had to get to the bottom of how she managed to maintain such an enviable figure whilst cooking up these scrumptious desserts, and the 27 year old let us in on the secret to a balanced diet.

Speaking exclusively, Tanya explained: “I wouldn’t say I feel pressure to balance treats and healthy options, it’s just something that I like to do because if I ate bad all of the time I would feel yucky.


“So for me I try to do an 80:20 thing where 80% of the time I try to make healthy choices and the other 20% I’ll eat things from Tanya Bakes.

“I just try to take each day as it comes and if I’ve already eaten a cookie I’ll make sure I have a healthy dinner, things like that.

“It’s so boring only eating healthy options, life is too short.”

I couldn’t agree more.


The star is also partly responsible for keeping home baking alive in the younger generations, often uploading cooking videos that her 3.5million YouTube followers can copy.

She told me: “I know that my fans love baking and they are so into it; they recreate my bakes as much as they do my make-up tutorials and when I do a baking video within an hour of it being up someone will tweet me with a photo like, ‘I’ve just baked it!’

“They’re all really enthusiastic about baking and they are a lot younger so hopefully it won’t die out!


“Baking is such a personal and special thing for me, I have memories of being a little girl and my mum would bring in a chair from the dining room table so that I could reach the counter.”

And for that reason, Tanya lifts the lid on which recipe in her book is her fave, sharing: “My nanny’s apple pie is the most sentimental for me.

“That’s what I made with her when I was really little; when I think of my nanny I think apple pie.”

Tanya Bakes is available to buy now!


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