EXCLUSIVE Rylan Clark-Neal: ‘If Simon Cowell sacks me I’m going out in style’

Over the weekend, we were all left stunned when Simon Cowell made a pretty crude gay joke about Rylan Clark-Neal on The Xtra Factor, with Rylan’s response winning him a whole lot of kudos.

During a bizarre discussion about front doors, the host quipped that he “loved a front door”, only for Si to retort: “I thought you liked a back door?”


Rylan immediately jumped up and asked the big boss if he’d like him to “show him how much [he loved a back door]”, with the move coming just one week after he twerked in Simon’s face during the previous weekend’s episode of The Xtra Factor.

Now Ry has shed some light on his on-screen relationship with Simon, admitting that he likes to toe the line so that if he gets fired he’ll go out in style.

Speaking exclusively at Specsaver’s Spectacle Wearer Of The Year Awards, Rylan explained: “If we’re going to get sacked I want to go out with blades of glory.


“If that means me giving Simon a lapdance by the end of the series and that’s how I get sacked then f****** brilliant.”

He went on to add that Simon has been incredibly helpful with his and co-host Matt Edmondson’s new Xtra Factor gig, continuing: “Simon’s been really, really supportive.

“He’s the boss man, he’s the one you want to impress. He’s really excited and likes what me and Matt have managed to do with Xtra this year.


“We’re really lucky because we did what we wanted with the show and we have complete free reign.”

And I reckon that I speak for everyone when I say that Rylan and Matt have done a pretty good job with the show… We can’t wait to see what happens this weekend.



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