EXCLUSIVE Nathan Sykes: ‘I offered to stand in for Jesy Nelson during Little Mix’s tour’

If you all cast your minds back to Little Mix’s a-mazing UK tour, you’ll probably remember that a whole load of drama was sparked when Jesy Nelson was too ill to perform during one of their Belfast gigs, forcing the band to cancel the show.

It was an innocent and fair enough excuse yet it launched a whole load of speculation that this was the “beginning of the end” according to mysterious sources.


Sigh, absolutely ridic.

And when I caught up with Nathan Sykes, who supported the girls on tour, he revealed that the rumour mill almost didn’t get a chance to start churning out the gossip because he offered to stand in for Jesy that night so that the fans and the press were none the wiser.

Although we reckon it might have been a tad noticeable.


Speaking exclusively, Nathan joked: “There was a day in Belfast when Jesy wasn’t very well so they had to reschedule one of the shows. I turned around and said to Jade in catering, ‘To be fair, I’ve seen the show about twenty times, I know all the dance moves… you can sing Jesy’s bits and I’ll stand there and do the dance moves…’

“It’d have been amazing but sadly I didn’t make the cut – it was probably the stubble I had that would have given it away!

“I think Jesy is a lot better looking than I am.”


Ah, but what we wouldn’t give to see Nathan donning one of the beautiful star’s sexy leotards.

Despite not nabbing the role of Jesy’s understudy, Nathan admitted that touring with Little Mix was as fun as it sounds, adding: “It was really cool touring with them, they have such an incredible fan base and such a diverse fanbase.”

And he didn’t miss the male presence that he has when touring with his former band The Wanted, quipping: “You just swap out four boozy lads for four really fit girls, so it’s not a terrible thing.


“They have their dancers as well so they’re really cool, it was really nice and everyone was really friendly. It was a good balance of people, they’re really cool girls.”

Nathan is hoping to undergo his own headline tour at the beginning of 2017 following the release of his solo album at the end of the year, and we can’t bloomin’ wait.

His single ‘Give It Up’ is available to buy now!


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