Celebrity Big Brother: Most scandalous romances

Last night we all watched open-mouthed as Nicola McLean, who has been married to her husband, Tom, for eight years, got drunk in the Celebrity Big Brother house and seemingly tried it on with fellow housemate, and her old friend, Jamie O’Hara.

With Jamie reciprocating by kissing Nicola’s head and being pretty touchy-feely, he eventually refused to lay in bed with her but insisted to his fellow housemates that there was nothing seedy going on as he knows Nic’s husband and he’ll “understand”.

Nicola shocked viewers in last night's CBB.

Nicola shocked viewers in last night’s CBB.

Hmm,  viewers weren’t so sure.

But the prospect of Nicola and Jamie’s scandalous relationship got me reflecting on some of the most outrageous CBB romances to ever grace our screens:

Lee found himself in one heck of a pickle.

Lee found himself in one heck of a pickle.

Jasmine Waltz, Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor

Of course I couldn’t kick this off with any romance other than that 2014 love triangle, with Lee Ryan becoming the most hated man in reality TV after stunned CBB viewers saw him lead on both Jasmine Waltz and Casey Batchelor during his time on the show.

It all started when Lee and Casey entered the house handcuffed to one another, later moving into a secret room to watch the other housemates. Casey made her feelings for Lee incredibly clear, with Lee seemingly reciprocating… Until he started getting hot and heavy with Jasmine behind Casey’s back.

After Jasmine was evicted, she re-entered the house to confront both Casey and Lee as part of a task, with Casey’s mum also entering to tell her daughter that Lee was no good for her.

Stephanie's antics stunned everybody, but nobody more than her boyfriend, Sam Reece!

Stephanie’s antics stunned everybody, but nobody more than her boyfriend, Sam Reece!

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell

Where to begin with these two, eh? Viewers honestly couldn’t believe their eyes during last January’s series of the reality show when Hollyoaks actress, Stephanie Davis, entered the house gushing about how much she loved her boyfriend, Sam Reece… Only to start a romance with fellow housemate, Jeremy McConnell a few days later.

Fans slammed Stephanie as she followed Jeremy around like a lovesick puppy, even uttering the infamous words: “I’m horny and moist as f*ck”.


Needless to say, Sam decided to end things with Steph and she and Jeremy enjoyed a short-live and suitably dramatic romance in the outside world, with Steph eventually falling pregnant with Jez’s baby.

Jez distanced himself from the actress and denies being the father, publicly slamming Steph at any opportunity.

It’s like a modern-day Shakespeare play, ain’t it?

Bear had a girlfriend when he got up, close and personal with Chloe.

Bear had a girlfriend when he got up, close and personal with Chloe.

Bear and Chloe Khan

Not only was Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan’s romance controversial because of how raunchy they were in front of the cameras, viewers were also shocked because Bear had seemingly forgotten that he had a girlfriend in the outside world – Lillie Lexie Gregg.

Lillie entered the house and confronted her boyfriend, sobbing: “You asked me to be there when you got home, I was supporting you 100%.

“The embarrassment and humiliation I’ve had…this is all one big game to you, it is a joke at my expense.”

Bear later cried in the Diary Room but then went back to frolicking with Chloe.

George and Stephanie were hands-down CBB's most shocking couple.

George and Stephanie were hands-down CBB’s most shocking couple.

George Gilbey and Stephanie Pratt

You’d be forgiven for forgetting that Gogglebox star George Gilbey had even taken part in Celebrity Big Brother, let alone that he managed to pull super hot Made In Chelsea star, Stephanie Pratt too.

Yes, in the 2014 series of the show Stephanie – who is The Hills’, and current CBB housemate Spencer Pratt’s sister – locked lips with hapless, every-guy George and even hinted at promise of a romance after the show.

However, George threw it all away by snuggling up with Edele Lynch after Stephanie was evicted – ruining all hopes of a real-world relationship.

Dappy and Luisa's x-rated antics had our eyes popping out of our heads!

Dappy and Luisa’s x-rated antics had our eyes popping out of our heads!

Luisa Zissman and Dappy

Luisa has since insisted that all of her canoodling with N-Dubz star Dappy in 2014’s CBB was just for fun, but they certainly raised eyebrows whilst in there.

The pair enjoyed steamy shower and hot tub sessions during their stay in the house, with Luisa undeniably going down in history as one of the house’s sauciest inhabitants.

And that’s exactly why we loved her.


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