5 reasons to watch Whose Line Is It Anyway? Live

In case you missed it, something big has happened at the London Palladium this summer.

Popular improvisation comedy show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ has returned to the stage for a brief period and it is perhaps one of the most exciting live shows in London at the moment.


Whose Line Is It Anyway? first came to our television screens back in 1988 and it is still running in the US to this very day with a huge international fanbase.

I was lucky enough to attend the opening night for this year’s popular stage show, and I’ve compiled this handy list of reasons why you, yes you, should check it out too:

1. It’s Completly Legit

Well, we mean, obviously it was always going to be legit but what we mean is TV-favourites comprise the live show line-up, you aren’t being fobbed off with anybody who is a bit sub-standard or a complete unknown.


It would have been easy to call in just any old improvisers and get them to play the huge variety of games in front of an audience, but instead we get to see the show’s legends in the flesh with presenter of the British version of the show, Clive Anderson, hosting the night and Colin Mochrie, Josie Lawrence, Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood and Jeff Davis playing.

Original co-creators Dan Petterson and Mark Leveson are also responsible for bringing the show to the stage, so it has literally everything working in its favour.

2. It’s Absolutely Hilarious

If you ever watched even just ten minutes of the TV show you’ll be aware of just how funny it is, with the comics’ ability to think on their feet mindblowingly impressive to say the least.


Host Clive guides the audience through a huge variety of games that we have seen on our screens in the past, including ‘Kick It!’, ‘Sound Effects’, ‘Living Scenery’ and, of course, the famous ‘Hoedown’.

The differing situations that Clive and the audience put the players in means that any round can turn into an all-singing, all-dancing performance, slapstick hilarity, or direct, to-the-point comedy. It really couldn’t be any better.

3. You Can Get Involved!

The key part of the show is the audience’s participation, and it’s no different for the live performance. Most of the suggestions come from Clive asking the audience what they think should happen and him picking the best ideas, basically proving that there’s absolutely no way any of the show could have been rehearsed.


There are also some games that require an audience member to go up on stage, with one lucky fan being serenaded by Jeff and Brad during our show and Colin and Greg also enjoying rummaging through two brave women’s handbags on stage…

4. Anything Can Happen

The fact that it is all improvised means that there really is endless possibility about how the night will go and yes, anything can happen.

In the interval there are boxes left out for audience members to put in lines for the players to use during the game ‘Whose Line?’, leading to a touching and witty tribute to popular Whose Line Is It Anyway? comic Ryan Stiles midway through the sketch.


The world is your oyster in the land of improvised comedy…

5. No Two Nights Are The Same

… And as a result, no two nights are the same. Meaning that we could go back to each of the fourteen performances between the 9th and 19th of June in London and see a completely different show each time.

And if that doesn’t tempt you to book a ticket (or fourteen) then I don’t know what will to be honest.




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