5 Reasons to watch The Bodyguard in London’s West End

Fresh from a nationwide tour, The Bodyguard has returned to London and it’s really come back with a bang.

Setting up home at the Dominon Theatre, Beverley Knight has reprised her role of superstar Rachel Marron, who is forced to hire a vigilant new bodyguard when she is threatened by an obsessed stalker.


Enter Frank Farmer (Ben Richards), with the two battling it out for the upper hand without realising that they are slowly fall in love with eachother – what comes next is a truly invigorating tale of heartache, heartbreak, and hit musical numbers.

Here are five reasons why you, yes you, should see The Bodyguard:

1. Beverley Knight

Let’s not beat around the bush here, Beverley Knight is undeniably the star of this show.

The hit singer dazzles on stage as the beautiful superstar Rachel Marron and she perfectly conveys the character’s huge mixture of emotions throughout the show.

Her fear at her and her son’s life being at risk, her love for her bodyguard, her stubbornness and determination to not let her stalker hell stop her from living her life alongside an ever-present hint of pure vulnerability.


Although she starts out as a bit of a diva, you will fall in love with Rachel the moment you see her and that is thanks to the brilliance of Beverley.

2. The Supporting Cast

Although Beverley is undeniably the star of the show, the supporting cast are just as fantastic with Ben Richards as bodyguard Frank Farmer, Rachel John as Rachel’s long-suffering older sister, Nicki, and a brilliant mix of young child actors who alternate as Rachel’s son Fletcher.

In fact, there isn’t one weak link in the entire ensemble – which we have to admit is no mean feat.


3. The Story

The story of The Bodyguard is much more complex than your average musical. Rachel is being stalked by an obsessive fan and that comes with its fair share of heartache and scares.

Although the songs give it the fun-factor, the actual story gives it that extra depth and intensity that sets this show apart from everything else.


It’s heartwarming, entertaining and enjoyable to watch and will make audience members laugh, jump, and maybe even shed a tear or two.

4. The Songs

As well as being a fantastic story with brilliant performers, The Bodyguard acts as a great reminder of Whitney Houston’s best-loved songs.

From the old classics such as ‘I Will Always Love You’ to party tunes like ‘How Will I Know’, this is one West End musical that will keep the audience entertained for every moment.

5. The Atmosphere

You’ll be hard-pushed to find a West End show with as electric an atmosphere as The Bodyguard.


The audience feels like a community as together you gasp, dance, and laugh your way through two and a half hours of utter magic.

The perfect night out for any occasion, we really could not recommend The Bodyguard enough.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Pina



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