10 celebrities with fascinating side jobs

To be honest, it’s pretty normal for celebrities to try their luck in other industries once they have made the big time.

From beauty products to clothing lines to books to fitness DVDs; there isn’t much that some stars won’t try in an attempt to build their empire.

However, what about the celebs who have slightly more fascinating side jobs?

For example, did you know that there is more to Matt Edmondson than meets the eye? Or where Akon buys his bling? Or – even more importantly – why you’d love to have breakfast in bed round Tom Selleck’s gaff?

Read on to find out more…

Matt Edmondson is a much-loved host of The Xtra Factor.

Matt Edmondson is a much-loved host of The Xtra Factor.

Matt Edmondson

We all know Matt Edmondson as Rylan Clark-Neal’s shorter but just-as-lovable sidekick on The Xtra Factor as well as BBC Radio 1 DJ, however, did you know that Matt is also somewhat of a party game extraordinaire?

Last year, Matt created and launched the brilliant ‘Obama Llama’ – a critically acclaimed game that is a bit like charades but with a hilarious difference; y’see, each player has to act out a sentence about a celebrity for their teammates, the only catch is that all of the sentences rhyme.

This obviously leads to wonderfully absurd and beautifully brilliant creations as players desperately screech out every single rhyme that they can think of… Even if they don’t make much sense.

Matt Edmondson enlists half of The Vamps to help model his party games.

Matt Edmondson enlists half of The Vamps to help model his party games.

Christian Bale wees in a pail, anyone?

The ridiculously creative game is so much fun for all of the family and is definitely set to guarantee heaps of fun and laughter every time that it’s played – in fact, we’re looking forward to screeching rhyming ridiculousness across the Christmas table this festive season, and we reckon that you should be too.

If that wasn’t enough, Matt went on to prove that he is definitely not a one-hit-wonder, releasing his second party game, ‘Rainbow Rage’, earlier this year.

Perhaps less family-friendly due to the self-professed rage that it somehow manages to induce between players – to be honest, we never knew that something as beautiful and colourful as a rainbow could lead to so much game-incited stress.

The aim is simple – you have to race to beat the other players into finding which colours of the rainbow have swapped places in a variety of stacks, leaving you questioning whether you can remember what the colours of the rainbow are at all.

The game is described as putting “your memory, sanity and ‘grabbing’ skills to the ultimate test” and we couldn’t agree more – just try to remember that it’s only a game when you’re on the brink of falling out with your bestie.

Justin Timberlake is a bit of a tequila expert.

Justin Timberlake is a bit of a tequila expert.

Justin Timberlake

We all know that there isn’t much that Justin Timberlake can’t do – he sings, he dances and he acts, all three of which he manages to do pretty well. But did you know he is also a tequila connoisseur?

In fact, Justin has his very own range of fancy 901 Tequila, which he collaborated on with Casa Sauza, and we’re willing to bet that it tastes pretty delish.

We'd love to have a swig of George Clooney's tequila.

We’d love to have a swig of George Clooney’s tequila.

George Clooney

Justin isn’t alone in his Tequila expertise, with fellow hunk and Oscar-winning actor, George Clooney, also the creator of his very own Tequila.

George teamed up with his longtime friends, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman, to create ‘Casamigos’ – with the aim to create a taste that doesn’t have to be covered with salt and lime in order to taste good.

Now that’s our kinda tequila.

The drink was initially only supposed to be for private use, but they ended up having to register themselves as a business because they were creating too many bottles a year at the distillery.

Casamigos has received a whole load of spirit awards, proving that Clooney definitely has the knack.

Liz Hurley poses with her selection of organic snacks at the Harrods launch.

Liz Hurley poses with her selection of organic snacks at the Harrods launch.

Liz Hurley

Hollywood starlet Liz Hurley has also proved herself to be more than “just” a celebrity actress, with the brunette beauty having her own range of organic snacks which were genuinely made from food produced on her very own farm.

Liz teamed up with posh department store Harrod’s to launch the produce back in 2009, alongside her Beachwear clothing brand.

Is there anything that this star can’t do?

Not all popstars can say they run their own farm, eh JB Gill?

Not all popstars can say they run their own farm, eh JB Gill?

JB Gill

Speaking of farms, former JLS favourite, JB Gill, has quite an interesting hobby for when he isn’t singing his little heart out; running his own farm on the outskirts of Kent.

Here, JB and his wife, Chloe, and son, Ace, manage the land and livestock as they produce rare breed, free range pork and a signature range of turkeys.

JB also uses his farm to help educate the little’uns, presenting CBeebies TV series ‘Down On The Farm’ as well as appearing on the likes of Countryfile as a fully fledged farmer.

The more you know, eh?

Tom Selleck has always been pretty bloomin' trendy.

Tom Selleck has always been pretty bloomin’ trendy.

Tom Selleck

Okay, okay, this is the last farm, we promise.

Tom Selleck (aka DILF Richard from TV show ‘Friends’) has proved that he’s not just a pretty face with a great moustache and brilliant acting abilities, he is also a pretty nifty farmer.

However, Tom doesn’t live and work on just any old farm, he’s far too trendy for that, he actually lives on a 60 acre avocado farm in California – proof that he was way ahead of that 2015-onwards avocado trend.

He’s previously said of his venture: “I like to get outside and work on the farm, from fixing roads to clearing brush. I hate going to the gym, so sweating outdoors sure beats sitting on a stationary bike staring at my navel.

“And I work cheaper than anyone I could hire to do it.”

Plus, all the avocados you could ever dream of – win/ win.

We wouldn't mind having Rupert Grint as our landlord!

We wouldn’t mind having Rupert Grint as our landlord!

Rupert Grint

Imagine if you were to move into a new house and discover that none other than Ron Weasley was your landlord? Well, Harry Potter’s flame-haired friend, or rather his real-life counterpart, Rupert Grint, is exactly that – and we bet he’s the most laid-back landlord there is.

The star bought and rents out a series of properties in the UK, and we don’t think that he is the sort to hold back his tenant’s deposit because there’s a bit of dust on the window ledge*.

*Definitely not speaking from personal experience.

Did you know that Venus Williams had her own interior design business?

Did you know that Venus Williams had her own interior design business?

Venus Williams

Tennis champ Venus Williams also works in property on the side, although she is the CEO of a (not-so) secret interior design company, not a landlord.

Venus started the business, called V Starr, back in 2002 and has previously dubbed it one of her “best-kept secrets”.

If you’re interested, the company is based in Florida.

Akon owns an actual diamond mine.

Akon owns an actual diamond mine.


Okay, so we have had tequila, party games and farms… But how many celebrities can you say dabble in, erm, diamond mines?

Yes, back in 2005 rapper Akon bought an actual diamond mine in South Africa, although he’s always been pretty cagey about how he came to acquire the interesting side job.

He coyly said at the time: “It’s real complicated. You can just know that I own it.”


Akon now only wears diamonds that come from the mine, which might be why he is always so blingtastic.

Carmen Electra's stripper poles haven't had the best reviews.

Carmen Electra’s stripper poles haven’t had the best reviews.

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra definitely saw a niche market when she left Playboy and searched for a new venture.

Instead of sticking with the typical book deals, clothing lines and perfumes, Carmen decided to launch her very own brand of, well, of stripper poles – complete with a pole fitness DVD.

Unfortunately, the portable poles haven’t been too well-received by fans, with some reviews dubbing the product “dangerous  and “not sturdy enough”.


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