Celebrities former classmates reveal all on the stars before they were famous

Those trusty folk over at Reddit are at it again, this time with users telling anecdotes about the celebs that they allegedly went to school with/ grew up with.

Ever wondered what the likes of Kanye West, Ryan Gosling, and Ariana Grande were like as teenagers? Wonder no more, here are some of the best claims to pre-fame celebs:

Ryan Gosling

“My sister in law grew up and went to school with Ryan Gosling. She said he was very sweet and kind of shy.

“Everyone was apparently surprised when he got in The Mickey Mouse Club and was on TV.”

Shawn Mendes

“I graduated with Shawn Mendes last year. When he started picking up fame, we sat together in math and he was always nice.

“He’s always been grateful and down to earth. When we had math together, I remember him walking into class excited because he got verified on Twitter but we never really talked about him being famous.”

Ariana Grande

One user wrote: “She would always pick on kids she thought were inferior to her (AKA the poor kids) and would always hang out with the snobby entitled rich girls.”

Another added: “Currently go to the same school Ariana Grande graduated from. I know a lot of people who were in classes with her, and my sister was in the grade above her.

“One of my friends said she was a real obnoxious b*tch, and apparently bullied some other kid on the bus.

“In one of my yearbooks, though, she has a page in the back, which I guess is kinda cool.”

James Franco

“Was in college with James Franco. Never really got to talk to him, but he avoided people and I totally understand his decision.

“People would swarm to him and they would post pictures of him/where he was on social media so more people would show up.”

Patrick Swayze

“My mom knew Patrick Swayze. He ended up marrying one of her good friends growing up. She said she liked him well enough, always had an ego though.

“His mom ran a dance school, which is how he met his wife, and I guess he knew he was good and was always a flirt and could be obnoxious, but wasn’t necessarily a bad person.”

Ashton Kutcher

“My cousins lived near Ashton Kutcher and went to school with him for a bit. He also worked at a restaurant with my aunt. They all say he was a super chill guy and a sweetheart.

“My aunt has run in to him a few times when he’s been back home and he’s always been really nice.”

Demi Lovato

“Not high school, but I went to Junior High with Demi Lovato.

“She was always super popular and had a reputation for being a bully. Some girl was always crying over something she did. But it was jr. high, so we were all a**holes.”

Adam Sandler

“My older cousin was in the same class as Adam Sandler in high school, he says Sandler was pretty much like he acted later on in his movies. He was the kid in school who wasn’t necessarily a jerk, but was kind of a wise*ss.”

Blake Lively

“Went to high school with Blake Lively. Had a few classes with her throughout 3 years.

“She was pretty cool. She seemed down to earth and not stuck up.”

Kanye West

“Kanye and I had about three mutual friends when he was in college and working at the Gap on mag mile. At that point in time, he knew he had talent but wasnt over the top about it.

“Decent guy to be around… I miss the old Kanye.”

Jeremy Clarkson

“Not me, but my dad did go to school with Jeremy Clarkson, and in his words: ‘He was a tw*t then and he’s a tw*t now’.”

The more you know, eh?


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