Ed Sheeran to release SEVEN more albums

Cor, we’re not even over the excitement of Ed Sheeran’s two newest singles that he released on Friday, how are we supposed to cope with this fantastic news?

The star, who is currently preparing for the release of his third studio album ‘÷’, the follow-up to ‘x’, has revealed that he plans on releasing another seven albums before he even considers retiring.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ed Sheeran is BACK.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ed Sheeran is BACK.

Needless to say, our ears are ready.

Ed explained: “I’m not planning on doing the math symbol thing for all of them, but yeah, I have thought about that and I have another five lined up that will be [coming] after the next [album].

“I have two more math things and five more different things coming up. Seven more albums and then I’m done.”

However, the 25-year-old superstar did go on to admit that he might have a little break inbetween releasing the albums so that he can have some kids, adding to WestWoodOne’s ‘Zach Sang And The Gang’: “I think the time in my life where I would like to pause is [after I have] kids.

Ed Sheeran/PA Photos

We could totally deal with seven more Ed Sheeran albums.

“I would like to see my kids grow up and then when they get to about 14, 15, 16, when they don’t really want their dad around anymore cause he’s uncool, that’s when I’ll start doing it again.”

However, word of a break is nothing to worry about as Ed has proven that he is a man of his word when it comes to taking a hiatus, only just returning to the spotlight following his one year break.

In December 2015, Ed took to social media to announce that he was retreating from the public eye for one year in order to travel the world.

The star's incredible music returned to our lives on Friday.

The star’s incredible music returned to our lives on Friday.

Exactly one year to the day, Ed returned and announced that he’ll be releasing new music imminently.

Speaking about his break, Ed shared: “I’m still a pretty simple person anyway, so I’m still living in simpler times. Fame is like, you just have to find a way to deal with it in your own way, and the reason I took the break is I didn’t know how to deal with it so I wasn’t really enjoying it.

“I’ve now kind of recharged my batteries and thought about why I was in the music industry and came back with a sort of different view and I don’t really mind, like I’m really grateful that people have a lot of love for the music I make which is nice.

Ed lives for the buzz of performing.

Ed lives for the buzz of performing.

“I’m in the music industry to perform. It took a year of not performing to see that because I started getting like, pangs of being upset and I was like ‘What am I upset about?’ I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I haven’t played a show in a year.’

“It’s that buzz, it’s a like a drug, you get addicted to it. That’s why Bob Dylan will continuously tour, cause that’s his drug.”


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